How to get to Riga?

You can get to Riga by train, airplane or coach.

If you arrive by train, you will arrive at Riga Central Station which is located in the very centre of Riga, just a 5 minute walk from the Old Town (also the nearest station to the conference venue). Riga Central Station connects Latvia to Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg). Here you can check railway schedule:

Riga International Airport is well connected with many airports and is located 10 km southwest of Riga city centre.
Please check your flight directly on airlines’ websites. Riga International Airport is operated by many airlines. See the list here:

Riga International Coach Terminal is situated very close to the Old Town (5 minutes on foot). Here you can check different coach lines that connect Riga with other countries (e.g., Warsaw, Prague, Vilnius, Tallinn, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Berlin and Kaunas):

How to get to the conference venue?

If you arrive by train (Riga Central Station) or by coach (Riga International Coach Terminal) there is no need to look for a transportation, because it takes only 5 minutes on foot to get to the Old Town (and 15 minutes to the conference venue).

If you arrive by airplane (Riga International Airport) you have three options how to get to the city centre:

  1. You can take the public bus Nr. 22 (going to Abrenes Street). It stops at 15 different locations throughout the city, including “11. Novembra krastmala” (right next to the Old Town) and Riga International Coach Terminal. It takes approximately 30 minutes to get to the Old Town and it costs 2 EUR (if you purchase the ticket from the driver). If you purchase the ticket before commencing your trip at the airport services and tourism bureau Welcome to Riga, in a ticket vending machine at the bus stop, or in Narvesen press kiosk at Level 1 and 2 of the terminal, it will cost you 1.15 EUR.
    Bus stop is located opposite the terminal, behind the car park P1.
    Here you can see the timetable for the bus Nr. 22:
    More information about the public transportation:
  2. You can take the minibus Nr. 222 (going to Riga Central Station). It has a similar route as the bus Nr. 22, and it takes approximately 20 minutes to the Old Town and city centre. The prices are the same as for the bus Nr. 22. The minibus departs from P1 parking.
  3. You can take a taxi. A typical ride to Old Riga or the city centre takes approximately 20 minutes and should cost no more than 15EUR. The most common taxi corporation at the airport is Baltic Taxi. You can find them waiting outside at the arrivals hall.